COVID-19 House & Safety at Our School

To consider:

  1. In early March we closed immediately both the school and Medici’s — the same day the announcements began coming out here locally, before any other schools, clubs, etc. We both could not contemplate suffering any dangers to our students!
  2. The closing coincided with the school’s spring break, and necessitated a couple of “vigorous” staff meetings which resulted in an initial package of strict protocols if we were to keep going as a viable entity.

Consider that the school had collected prepayments for tuition — roughly 50%.for the reat of the Spring semester .

Medici’s had around 300 tickets pre-sold, many with dinners.

This was a tremendous obligation to honor both ethically and morally and an enormous financial burden.

  1. I designed and purchased enhanced notebook computers with “on-line” packages for our staff. With some training we managed — 14 teachers and 284 students — to teach on-line for the remainder of the semester, and met our ethical, moral, educational and financial obligations.
  2. We took our 2-week break and, worked with our landlords, A&B, on developing a comprehensive system to keep all staff and students safe and to physically re-open the school once the go-ahead was given in early May. We still waited until June to open the school to in-person lessons for the summer. This Saturday we will complete our 8-week summer session.
  3. The protocols center around a “concierge” who greets everyone entering through the back door. No parents, siblings, friends allowed, no exceptions. A&B made available all of the rear parking slots for drop-off and parking for our parents. Also, no “huff n’ puff” (voice and wind).
  4. Everyone, both staff and students, enters one at a time for screening, temperature checks, sanitizing and are conducted to their teachers and studios.
  5. Extra care is taken by both teachers and cleaning staff for hourly, daily, and weekly cleaning.
  6. To date, by the grace of God, we all have survived. We are gradually weaning back to the “huff n’ puffers” to dedicated, larger areas so they can keep a bigger, safer distance between each other.

Therefore, for the re-opening of Medici’s we had to go even further.

We have spent thousands ensuring that the very best “protocols” are in place to protect both Medici’s and the school. (The delay in re-opening is waiting for these items and supplies to arrive.)

We have upped the level of sanitation to include the following for Medici’s, which will also have a beneficial trickle-down effect for the school:

  1. There will be a “concierge” at the front desk. Everyone entering, us, staff, musicians, patrons, will have to undergo screening, temperature checks, sanitizing.
  2. Everyone has to wear masks.
  3. Capacity has been cut from 99 to 43. All tables are socially distanced with “Sneeze Screens” in between.
  4. Likewise with the stage — large screens between the musicians and the audience with 10-feet spacing.
  5. New, larger 72″ ceiling fans have been installed and we are moving to a “UV” standard (ultra-violet light). We have purchased and installed UV air purifiers with charcoal, authorized HEPA filters, and UV light to go into Medici’s, all 8 teaching studios, the Art Loft, and Toby’s Hall. UV light has been long proven to kill bacteria and viruses, and we are confident that these products will minimize the infamous Covid “aerosols.”
  6. Three contactless hand sanitizer dispensers, portable UV wands, hanging bar screens, and extra kitchen protocols will be in place.
  7. In addition, the culinary experience will change — no more buffet. Plated meals served directly to the tables. Likewise with drinks. The menu and food will be upgraded.
  8. Admissions/tickets will change. One set fee to include admission and 4-course dinner as one set price. No exceptions.
  9. We have to restrict comps — both for guests and meals. Two complimentary drinks per band member.
    the aforementioned sums up our approach to what we will instigate going forward.

Both Carolyn and I are humbly proud of what we have accomplished, working together as a team, wife and husband for the past 34 years, evolving into what we have now, and our commitments to bravely go forward to try to succeed in supporting and promoting “creativity in our community — safely.

During these trying times we are acutely conscious of being extra vigilant to create the safest possible environment you and your loved ones to enjoy our school and supper club.
Since reopening we now have adopted “Concierge” system in place to facilitate smooth access to our facilities.

All entrants, staff, teachers, musicians and patrons for both the school and “Medici’s Supper Club” are to please wear masks. Protocols will now include temperatures being taken upon admittance and sanitizing.
Among other things, we are employing the latest “UV” (Ultra Violet) technology, sanitizing stations and sneeze screens between tables and also the the kitchen and food prep areas.

Accordingly our menu has radically changed and to better serve our beloved patrons all dinners , drinks will be table served.
Once again we truly appreciate your confidence and patronage and all of us here will continually strive to earn your trust.