Culinary Classes

Join Rebecca Woodland, renowned author of “The Blonde Vegetarian,” on the last Monday of each month to explore various cuisine from around the world, including Mexico, Thailand, Greece, Viet Nam, Cambodia, and the Middle East. Classes start at 5:30 until about 9:00 pm, and the $50 fee includes your dinner, plus:

demonstration and hands-on cooking participation
hands-on classes for 4-9 people at Manoa School of Music & the Arts
demonstration classes for any number of people
all recipes approved by kids, men, and non-vegetarians
vegetarian/vegan menus
gluten-free, soy-free, raw (upon request)
all recipes suitable for cancer patients, heart patients, diabetics
“Daniel Fast” classes for church groups
ethnic cuisines, including Greek, Vietnamese, Italian, French, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Caribbean, etc.

Contact Rebecca via text at 808-295-3027, e-mail, or sign up for one of her classes on her website: – Online
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