Art Classes

Art For Children and Adults

The Manoa School of Art & Music is pleased to offer art courses for Children and Adults. The course will be taught by Master Artist Tim Stanton. Mr. Stanton grew up in London and attended the R.C.A.D. College of Art & Design. He received post-graduate degrees in Art Education and Educational Psychology at Birmingham University. He has taught extensively at the cutting edge of art education, integrating art and design technology. He held classes for many years at the University of Hawaii and the Honolulu Academy of Arts.

Contact us to find out the schedule.


Under 18: $40 per 2 hour class
Adults: $60 per 3 hour class
(there will be a $20 materials fee for each class)

* The children especially, should bring Dad’s old shirt or “T” shirt (but please ask first!!)


Art is an integral part of our being , We relate to its stimuli from birth therefore it should be nurtured and encouraged at the earliest opportunity – it will benefit and enrich us throughout our lives.


  • Class sizes will be kept small (maximum 10 students for all age groups) this will ensure a more “hands on and individualistic” connection with the teacher.
  • The emphasis for the younger or beginner students will be to initially cover the basic skills of colour , light , shape and texture.
  • From there we will progress to explore the technicalities of perspective , proportion and colour theory.
  • Students will explore “multi-media” approach – working with a variety of materials as they develop their individual skills.
  • All students will be encouraged to hold exhibitions every semester